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About Our Products

Our Handmade, Natural Skin Care Products

10265467_641359015943120_3913272764685978206_oAroma Roots crafts fresh, wholesome, natural skin care products in small batches by hand. From our natural bath bombs to our natural soaps, no batch ever looks exactly the same. You will notice that some of the colors and shades in our natural skin care products may vary in darker or lighter tones. This is part of the natural essence and beauty of the always fresh ingredients we use. Our natural bath and body products are cruelty free (not tested on animals), BPA and phthalate free,  and also contain no chemicals.

We craft our natural soaps, lotions, balms, and skin care products with all natural ingredients like essential oils, whole foods, organic spices and herbs,  natural clay, our natural bath and body products are always fresh! All Aroma Roots products have a guaranteed 1 year shelf life.

Many other soaps, lotions and skin care products that are mass produced by large companies have a shelf life of 2-5 years, but this is because they contain preservatives and other chemicals that are harsh on the skin, and can also contain common chemicals like BPA and phthalate which are related to reproductive and fertility issues in men and women .  This is more cost effective, but again full of preservatives and very little active ingredients.

The Aroma Roots line of Natural Skin Care Products includes:

Our Natural Cleaning Products

In a world where the word “Natural” can be misleading and over used, Aroma Roots wants to bring to you a genuine, natural clean with our household cleaning supplies.  These natural cleaning products are all handmade and crafted with eco friendly, biodegradable ingredients. After 8 years of formulating and using our products at our cleaning service “Nature’s Essence Green Cleaning LLC,” Aroma Roots brings to you and your family a truly all natural, environmentally line of natural all purpose cleaning products that leave a clean, fresh scent. Aroma Roots combines all natural ingredients with vigorous cleaning action for a healthy, non-asthmatic and non-allergenic experience. Our natural cleaning products are made in the USA, and are not tested on animals.

Our environmentally safe household cleaning products are designed to remove and eliminate all harmful chemicals and air particles, making each product as gentle on people as it is on the earth. We want to pass on the benifits of using 100% pure essential oils and their cleaning power. We are dedicated to making sure your home shines naturally!

The aroma Roots line of Natural Cleaning Products includes: